Welcome to Washington Elementary

Washington Elementary School is a neighborhood school that serves Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.  We are a three section school located in the Mankato hilltop area. Washington School serves about 390 students.

Office hours 7:30-4:00
School hours 8:15-2:45


Assuring learning excellence and readiness for a changing world.


•Integrity- Doing the "right thing" at all times with honesty and authenticity
•Respect- Embracing of our differences, treating others as we wish to be treated
•Excellence- High expectations for all and in all we do and the courage to challenge for it
•Adaptability- Engaging in flexible, continuous and purposeful change grounded in data
•Responsibility- Shared stewardship of and accountability for our words, acts, choices and results
•Engagement- Actively participating with a mission-focus and values-driven attitude
•Collaboration- Operating with a preference and capacity for partnership across our community


Staff Email


District 77 Acceptable Use Policy

ACT NOW The acronym ACT NOW will be used to remind students as well as teachers and staff of guidelines in making good decisions. ACT NOW stands for: A – Aware of who's there; C – create unique usernames and passwords; T – time/task management (computer use at school is different than computer use at home); N – Network resources (videos, games and music consume large amounts of bandwidth); O – Online respect; W – World wide window (the internet is a social web in addition to an information resource).Parents and students are asked to sign a form indicating the understanding of the policy.
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