Third grade is an exciting place to be! We are going to have a lot of fun! This is my twelfth year here at Washington Elementary and it is my 24th year of teaching full time. I have previously taught in Hawaii and California! In Hawaii I taught at a private preschool. In California I taught at both private and public school in the primary grades.  I also have two years of subbing experience at all grade levels which actually brings me up to my 26th year of being an educator!  I can hardly believe it has been that many years.  I still love every minute of being in a classroom with students!

Third grade is a time for lots of new adventures in learning. Watch how all of our skills progress through the year. We will be working on the following skills daily: decoding/chunking new words, vocabulary development, reading fluently with expression, comprehension, grammar, writing, and many math skills. In content we will be doing many health, science and social studies learning activities. Click on a button to the left to learn more about each of these areas and to see what is normally scheduled to happen every day!

Contact: Cindi Hashimoto